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Funds for correcting violations in alcoholism, and the ISTC addiction

The group

This team brings together the products, which are mainly for the treatment of alcoholism and facilitate non-smoking. Sustained patogeneticescoy of drug abuse so far not created. Pharmaceuticals used or heavily dependent phenomena, or to a negative uslovno-reflectorna reaction to the alcohol. In the latter case, in a special way appoint vomited funds (apomorfin, emetine), drugs alter alcohol metabolism in the body (disulfiram, metronidazole, hydrogen). Severe and facilitating events abstinence achieved with the help of tranquilizers and sedatives, geminevrina, альфа-адреноблокатор��в (butiroksan), naloxone. When treating alcoholism sometimes effective neiroleptiki, antidepressants, vitamins and other medicines that can help improve metabolic processes in the body.
Was generally harmful effects of nicotine tobacco (chewing, nuhanye, smoking tobacco). In order to combat the harmful habit, which is not a coincidence often seen as a drug, without pharmacotherapy difficult. Drugs used to control nicotine dependence include substitution therapy (nicotine anabazin, titizin, lobelin), the infant-sedatives, tranquilizers, etc..


  • Anabasine
  • Butiroxan
  • Cytisine
  • Fosenazide
  • Nicotine
  • Oxymethylethylpiridine succinate
  • Alkopan
  • Anabazina hydrochloride
  • Anabazina hydrochloride tablets 0.003 g
  • Anti-e
  • Antialk
  • Antitabak
  • Buck Long
  • Biotredin
  • Butiroksan
  • Butiroksana injection 1%
  • Butiroksana pills 0.01g
  • Gamibazin
  • Lidevin
  • Limontar
  • Mexidant
  • Mexidol
  • Mexidol injection 5%
  • Mexidola injection 5%
  • Mexidola pills Film-coated, 0.125 g
  • Metadoksil
  • Nikvitin
  • Nikomel
  • Nicotinell tts 10
  • Nicotinell tts 20
  • Nicotinell tts 30
  • Plauna-baranza grass
  • Films with anabazina hydrochloride
  • Films with titizinom
  • Proproten-100
  • Tabeks
  • Teturam
  • Phosphabenzide
  • Phosphabenzide tablets 0.25 g
  • Ciamid
  • Tsiperkouten tts
  • Titizin
  • Tititon
  • Esperal