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Cinnamon (or autonomous, independently of the will of Rights) nervous system for the regulation of all internal organs, blood vessels and glands foreign secreta. She is represented by the central neurons located in the spinal and brain gangliami (large force on brain cells) and end sinapsamy, which is the initiation of the cell innerviruemogo body (tissue). Depending on the mediator, in the extra end neurotransmission, autonomic nervous system is divided into parasympathetic (mediator, as a rule, acetylcholine) and sympathetic (mediator - noradrenalin) of the, with the exception of adrenal glands, VR cancer and sinocarotidnye zone. The mediator and sympathetic, and parasimpaticakih gangliev is acetylcholine. He singled out neurotransmission, where the motor nerve fibres innervirute skeletal muscle (somatic managed nervous system). Pharmaceuticals, depending on the impact on the sinapsa norarenalinova or azetilholinova mediaciei fall into adrenergicakie and holinergicakie funds.
The mediator adrenergicescoy system is noradrenalin. Vswobozdayasi under the influence of the nervous system in sinapticescuu slot, it is collaborating with adrenoretseptorami and then destroyed катехол-О-метилтрансф еразой (COMT), or are taking opposite; zitoplazme in the nervous noradrenalin dezaminiruetsa monoaminoxydasa (MAO). In hromaffinnah cells napochechnikov noradrenalin metiliruetsa to become adrenaline hormone-affecting primarily on metabolic processes but retains the ability to initiate adrenergicakie system.
Based on the varying sensitivity adrenoretseptorov chemical compounds emit alpha and beta-adrainoretseptora, each of which has two subcategories : alfa_1-, alfa_2- and beta_1-, beta_2-podtipa receptors. Альфа_1-адренорецепто��ы Vision in postsinapticakih discs (receptacles radial muscle iris, blood, even posing distal bronchi) �льфа_2-адренорецептор ы is pre - (CNS) and postsinapticeski and vnesinapticeski in the vascular wall. Presinapticalkie альфа_2-адренорецепто��ы regulate the release norarenalina by participating in the reverse negative connection. In turn, бета_1-адренорецептор�� mostly located in the heart and �ета_2-адренорецепторы - in bronchitis, vessels and the uterus. Presinapticalkie бета_2-адренорецептор�� implementing positive feedback, encouraging norarenalina release. Adrenergicakie substances can selectively act on the different types adrenoretseptorov : bring them (adrenomimetiki - agonists) or inhibit (adrenoblokatora, adrainolitiki or antagonists).
The mediator parasimpaticescoy nervous system is acetylcholine. Receptors sensitive to acetylcholine, are divided into m (muskarinom proceedings), and n (brought small doses of nicotine). In turn m-holinoretseptora depending on the localization divided into m_1 (central nervous system, peripheral nervous system) m_2 (heart) and m_3 (smooth muscle exokrinne cancer). Nikotinove holinoretseptora divided into n_n (neironale) - CNS receptors, gangliev horse, brain substance napochechnikov and n_m (muscle) receptors poperechno-polosta muscles. Substances conducting some kind holinoretseptorov cite holinomimetikami. They (m n-holinomimetiki) or partly (voice or n-holinomimetiki) reproduce the effects of acetylcholine. Drugs to prevent interaction with the acetylcholine receptor, called holinoblokatorami or holinolitikami.
In clinical practice adrenergicakie means being increasingly used in the cardiovascular (hypothetical and hypertension, ischemic heart disease, irregular, etc.) bronholegochnykh and allergic violations; holinergicakie preparations s treatment of diseases due to the smooth muscle layer of internal organs (various types of colic or atony tract and bladder, saying stomach disease, bronchial asthma, etc.).