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Adrainoliticaskie funds

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Adrainolitiki or antiadrenergicakie means lower tone simpaticski the autonomic nervous system. The mechanism of action ( "" the interaction ") they are divided into adrenoblokatora (selective and selective, depending on the selectivity of the adrenoretseptora) and simpatolitiki. Adrenoblokatora adrenoretseptora shield and prevent interaction with them norarenalina thus causing effects contrary to those developed as a result of exposure adrenomimeticsih funds. The blockade postsinapticakih alfa_1-, alfa_2-retseptorov blood vessels to expand, beta_1-retseptorov heart-weakening and uregeniu HR, automaticity lower and slower AV conduction, beta_2-retseptorov-down small vessels and the bronchial spasms.
The simpatolitikov do with the immediate adrenoretseptorov blockade and the depletion of stocks mediator (norarenalina, release), and violation of the adrenergicakih neurotransmission.
The antiadrenergicakih leads to a decline in muscle sympathetic system (with the development gipotenzivnogo effect) and the relative predominance parasimpaticescoy impoulsation, gipersecretia area, bronhospazm and other side effects.
Альфа-адреноблокатор�� mainly appointed to gipertenziveh conditions and diseases associated with the loss of peripheral vessels; beta-adrainolitiki used as antiaritmicescie, antianginale and gipotenzivee funds.