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Alfa and beta-adrenoblokatora

The group

The Alpha and бета-адреноблокатора�� the substances that simultaneously block both types adrenoretseptorov (carvedilol, labetalol, proksodolol). Labetalol, blocking both beta test and selectively alfa_1-adrainoretseptora, shows typical beta-blokirute and peripheral sossoudorasshirate effects. The combination of declining heart and release curves to the expansion of the blood vessels and lower round is fast dozozawisimy antigipertenzivny effect and the reduction sokratimosti Left heart, that it can be used to treat hypertension (incl. krizov PNDS) varying etiology and acute period rasslaivateisa anevrizma Even. However, caution is necessary when applying products of this group of patients with bronchial asthma and AV blockade because Off бета_2-адренорецептор��в bronchi could provoke bronhospazm and �ета_1-адренорецепторо в Heart of conductivity.


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