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Adreno- and simpatomimetiki (alpha, beta)

The group

By adrenomimetikam include medicines, which are adrenoretseptorov agonists. Depending on the affinity of the receptors are classified into alpha, beta, Alpha beta-adrainomimetiki or with the index for subtype (alfa_1-, alfa_2- etc.). Simpatomimetiki (ephedrine, amphetamine, etc.) have indirect effects, increasing the allocation of norarenalina suffixes adrenergicakih nerves (and hinder reverse takeover), which is the (adrenomimeticalkie) effects. The core of the majority adrenomimeticakih drugs is beta-fenilatilamin. The On-group 3 and 4 of the benzene ring (epinephrine, norapinefrin) makes passage GEB (no influence on the central nervous system with a strong peripherical pressornom Effect). The adrenomimetikov loss is most blood vessels, increased heart cuts, a rising pulse, automatic increases and conductivity improvements in heart muscle, increasing bronchi. Enabling adrenoretseptorov results in a higher concentration of cellular calcium or Zamf. Mode of Action simpatomimetikov largely determined by their ability to drive kateholamin from their neironalnah depots.
Features of the chemical structure simpatomimetikov-ephedrine and amphetamine (absence of one or two On-group in the phenol ring), are instrumental in improving the bioavailability after taking inwards and lengthening endurance (inaguiruyutza COMT and MAO). In addition, it increases the penetration of the central nervous system than the central effects (decreased feeling fatigue, the need for sleep and increased efficiency). The flaccid action simpatomimeticalkie drugs close to adrenalino. Of the side effects they have in development tremora, causing insomnia.
Deserve special attention simpatomimetiki, to which local anestetic cocaine and tiramin, is the product of tirosina metabolism in the body and is in high concentrations in certain food products (cheese, wine, etc.). These products imposed parenteral have simpatomimeticescuu activity (ie serve receptacles increase AD, etc.) related to the oppression of reverse takeover norarenalina (cocaine), or the release of catecholamines from the depot (tiramin).
The scope and adreno- simpatomimetikov-cardiovascular shock (shock, including anaphylactic, collapse, cardiac arrest, hypotension), and bronchopulmonary (bronchial asthma) diseases.


  • Dipivefrine
  • Ibopamine
  • Norepinephrine
  • Pseudoephedrine
  • D-epifrin
  • Defedrin
  • Defedrina tablets 0.03 g
  • Norarenalina gidrotartrat
  • Norarenalina gidrotartrat injection 0.2%
  • Oftan dipivefrin
  • Rinasek
  • Triaminic