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Holinoliticaskie funds

The group

By holinoliticski (antiholinergicakim) to include drugs to prevent interaction with acetylcholine holinoretseptorami. There are two main types of holinoretseptorov : мускариночувствитель ные (m-tip) and �икотиночувствительн��е (n-tip). Accordingly make preparations Most radio or n-holinoliticski action. Some holinolitiki can easily penetrate GEB and bind central holinoretseptora (benachtizin, aprofen, trigexifenidil etc.). These products are often referred to as the central holinoblokatorami, although they peripheral (spazmoliticescoy) activity is not excluded. This group is used to treat giperkinezov and parkinsonizma (including medication).


  • Aethpenalum
  • Aprofene
  • Biperiden
  • Diethazine
  • Diphenyltropine
  • Trihexyphenidyl
  • Akineton
  • Akineton avg
  • Apo-traigex
  • Aprofena injection 1%
  • Dinezin
  • Dinezina tablets coated bullets
  • Parkopan 2
  • Parkopan 5
  • Romparkin
  • Trifen
  • Tropazin
  • Tropacyna pills
  • Ticlodola pills
  • Etpenal
  • Etpenala injection
  • Etpenala pills 0.05g