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N-holinolitiki (ganglioblokatora)

The group

Никотинчувствительны е holinoretseptora (n-holinoretseptora) mainly localized in the membranes postsinapticakih neurotransmission in the skeletal muscles, vegetative nervous knots (gangliev) think layer napochechnikov and sinocarotidna zone (both evolutionarily recent education ganglia), certain mezhneironnah contact CNS.
N-holinolitiki have the ability to escape receptors and prevent their prosecution azetilholinom. The device can transfer impoulsation with the nerves in the muscle poperechno-polosten, knob, karotidnye sinusa, neirona of the neironu with preganglionarnah to postganglionarnae week fibres.
Depending on the predominant influence on a type n-holinoretseptorov products are divided into ganglioblokatora, muscle (see N-holinolitiki (muscle)), and central holinolitiki (see �ротивоэпилептически�� means).
Due to the effect of ganglioblokatorov lunch brain nodes are malochuvstivenami not only endogenous acetylcholine, but also to various exogenous stimuli holinergicakim (nicotine lobelin, titizin etc.). Evoked blocked and parasimpaticalkie nodes, but for different drugs with different sequence and with varying force.
Interrupting the nerve impulses in gangliah, ganglioblokatora changing roles of drinking innervaciei heart. The lowered AD reduced flow sossoudossoujiwath impulses to krovenosni pressure and growing force on vascular track primarily arteriola reduced secretia peristaltika and digestive tract. Originally ganglioblokatora (gexametonia benzolsulfonat, azametonia bromide, etc.) on the widely used for the treatment of hypertension, ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers, and other illnesses. However, the occurrence of these drugs side effects and the creation of new and more effective drugs, ganglioblokatora are currently limited. Sometimes they are used for short-PNDS krizov and treatment of gastrointestinal disease.


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