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m N-holinomimetiki, including funds antiholinesteraznae

The group

Stimulating effect on the transfer holinergicescuu to acetylcholine chloride, carbahol so-called direct holinomimetiki. They directly interact with the voice and n-holinoretseptorami. But more often for this purpose shall antiholinesteraznae funds (fizostigmin, galantamin, neostigmine, piridostigmina bromide, aminostigmin etc.). They inhibit holinesterzu enzyme, in the destruction of capitalist acetylcholine, is the accumulation of acetylcholine in okonchaniah holinergicakih nerves and exacerbate the effect on the organs and tissues. The effects antiholinesteraznah substances were similar to those acetylcholine.
Depending on the chemical structure and physico-chemical properties of the different preparations of the group vary. Tertiary amines (fizostigmin, galantamin, etc.) penetrate biological membranes, including the GEB, and have aguirutee influence on the central nervous system. For quaternary ammonium derivative (neostigmine, piridostigmina bromide, ambenonia chloride, etc.) GEB trudnoprokhodim, they affect mostly in the peripheral holinergicakie system. There substances (Armine, paraoxon) permanently (covalent) holinesterzu binding. They vsokoaktive but also very toxic, which limits their clinical application.


  • Acetylcholine chloride
  • Ambenonium chloride
  • Aminostigmin
  • Amiridin
  • Armin
  • Carbachol
  • Chinotilin
  • Desoxypeganine hydrochloride
  • Distigmine bromide
  • Donepezil hydrochloride
  • Galantamine
  • Paraoxon
  • Rivastigmin
  • Aminostigmin
  • Amiridin
  • Amiridin 20 mg
  • Amiridina injection
  • Amiridina pills
  • Arisept
  • Armin
  • Armina solution 0.005%
  • Armina solution 0.01%
  • Azetilholin-hlorid injection
  • Galantamina gidrobromid
  • Galantamina hydrobromide injection
  • Dezoksipeganina hydrochloride
  • Dezoksipeganina hydrochloride injection 1%
  • Dezoksipeganina hydrochloride tablets
  • Izopto-carbahol
  • Neiromidin
  • Niwalin
  • Oksazil
  • Oksazila pills
  • Stefaglabrina sulfate
  • Stefaglabrina sulfate injection 0.25%
  • Ubretid
  • Fosfakol
  • Fosfakola solution 0.013%
  • Hinotilin
  • Hinotilina injection
  • Exelon