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The group

Regarding the group reproduce effects mediator parasimpaticescoy nervous system, acetylcholine caused by its interaction with m-holinoretseptorami. M-holinoretseptora localized in all receiving parasympathetic innervaciu at the end postganglionarnah parasimpaticakih fibres. M-holinoretseptora patchy. Interaction with m_1-holinoretseptorami CNS accompanied by the institution, and m_1-retseptorami intramuralnah parasimpaticakih plexus blood-raising glands secreting glands.
Effect activation m_2-holinoretseptorov located in the heart, is a decrease in HR and other functions heart, including conductance.
The most numerous m-holinomimetikov effects resulting from excitation m_3-holinoretseptorov smooth muscles and glands exokrinnah. They are bronhospazm and bronhoreu strengthening secreting glands stomach, the stomach muscle, jelche- and urinary tract. The aceklidina the blood can be used in atony bowel and bladder.
The most relevant aspect farmakodinamiki m-holinomimetikov is their effect on the inner pressure : they improve outflow vnutriglazna liquid, and thus lower inner pressure. This effect is used in the treatment of vnutriglazna hypertension and glaucoma.


  • Aceclidine
  • Pilocarpine
  • Aceklidina injection 0.2%
  • Izopto-carpin
  • Normoglaucon
  • Oftan pilocarpine
  • Pilaren
  • Pilogel
  • Pilocarpine
  • Pilocarpine with metilzellulosa
  • Pilocarpin-long
  • Pilocarpin-ferein
  • Pilocarpina hydrochloride
  • Pilocarpina hydrochloride solution 1%
  • Pilocarpina hydrochloride solution 1% of the metilzellulosa
  • Pilocarpina hydrochloride solution 6%
  • Pilocarpinova ointment
  • Films eye with pilocarpinom hydrochloride
  • Proksocarpin
  • Salajen