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The group

The funds in this group have been working with n-holinoretseptorami located in vegetative gangliah (GSR and parasimpaticakih) and the so-called analogah ganglionarna fabrics (sinocarotidnaya zone and cerebral napochechnikov substance). In addition, they have the ability to initiate n-holinoretseptora located in the CNS.
The PP effects of this group are reflex (through n-holinoretseptora sinocarotidna zone) stimulation breathing Centre (analepticeski effect), and improving the AD as a result of interaction with n-holinoretseptorami hromaffinna napochechnikov tissue (increased adrenalin release), and sympathetic gangliev (Increased impoulsation sympathetic to the heart and receptacles).
With the advent of LAN greater selectivity and expressed hypertensive action and the empowerment of mobile activities (IVL, etc.) these effects n-holinomimetikov lose their previous clinical significance. The main aspect of their use is a reproduction of n-holinomimeticakih effects of nicotine. The use of these drugs can reduce the severity withdrawal syndrome in the absence of smoking.